Celiacs who vomit?

Well, I've been dealing with this mystery for the past couple of years...

I have Celiac's Disease, had it for a little over 10 years. However, in the past couple years have I been suffering from these mysterious and very brutal vomiting episodes, about every month or two, where I vomit and vomit until everything is out. Today is was 5 times. Back and forth to the puke site. Ouch!!! It flares up my Chronic Myofascial Pain, because the hurling intensely contracts all my muscles, over and over and my whole body aches from muscles that are now caught in spasm. Ugh, massage desperately required asap! Not to mention all the other symptoms that go along with it, weakness for days, worst headaches ever, total body ache, total exhaustion, and that's just the pretty part (I'll spare you the rest, don't worry!)

It's always when I've eaten food that I didn't prepare. (Holidays and potlucks are the worst because I take too many risks and people aren't always aware of the multitude of ingredients that contain wheat or gluten.) But, I never thought it had anything to do with my Celiac's because this vomiting was never part of my symptoms before (for 7 years), and it's not normally considered to be a symptom of Celiac Disease.

Many resources never mentions vomiting as a symptom of CD but some sites like

this one called MedLine do.

However, after much online research I have found many Celiacs who also have projectile vomiting episodes after eating gluten and wheat.

I found this forum on Celiac.com called, "The Vomit Comet" ahahahaha! That was the first thing that made me smile since my puking episode in a back alley today (I would have laughed out loud if I wasn't so weak right now.)

I arrived at the restaurant late and flustered over having had a difficult day. I saw the gluten free options on the menu and ordered, but forgot to request the gluten-free bread. After a quarter of a panini later, it dawned on me. Why? Cause it was the best blasted sandwich EVER!!! Whoa, wait a minute... why does this taste sooooo goood?!? OH NOOOOoooooOo!!!

So, I expected the regular Celiac symptoms to show up. What I did't expect was to have the vomiting. It's not typically a symptom of CD. I always assumed I was getting some kind of food poisoning when it happened, that I was sensitive and simply didn't have the immunity to handle questionable foods, whereas others with a stomach of steel could. But today, as a result of my screw-up I was able to connect the dots. It HAD to be because of the wheat.

A welcome breakfast at 5pm the following day!

When I went through all the Celiac forums I could find on the subject, I discovered that some people with CD do also suffer from projectile vomiting after eating gluten. For some people it was mainly prior to being diagnosed and went away after they started their gluten-free diet. But for others, it developed later, after they'd already gone gluten-free for quite some time, like myself. They noticed that over time their reactions to ingesting gluten worsened and their bodies went into this projectile vomiting usually within an hour or so after (yep, that was what it was for me) likely in an attempt to rid the body of this toxic substance asap.

It's true that as a result of the vomiting, the stomach cramping, bloating, constant queasiness that used to go on for days, (resulting in living on ginger kombucha or ginger ale and crackers or rice) doesn't drag on as long, now that the vomiting occurs. Instead of 5 days of nausea and queasiness and running from the slightest smell of food, now it's more like day 1 vomiting, day 2 nausea and queasiness, even though I'm usually suffering from the other symptoms such as intensified headaches, fatigue, body pain, brain fog, for longer (still up to 5 days) but the stomach queasiness seems to subside faster. It's way more violent and painful initially, but it doesn't drag on for a whole 4-5 days anymore, so there is that bonus!

It's another embarrassing fact of illness, I've had to run out of stores, massage studios, and most recently a choir practice, to go hurl in their shrubs or a back alley. Trying to hold it in, so I can at least make it outside, or pull the car over and make it to the ditch. I can deal with the intensified headaches, fatigue, body pain, brain fog since these are already regulars in my daily life due to Fibro and Chronic Myofascial Pain and I've learned how to cope with these in a more private way. But there's nothing private about projectile vomiting, even if you make it to the washroom, everyone hears it from behind the door cause it sounds like you are dying in there. Anyways, it is what it is. My body is in charge and I don't get to have a say in the matter. I just need to work on honoring her, while She does what She needs to do to heal herself, projectile vomiting and all. And work on being more vigilant about bringing my own food with me, and well, slowing down long enough to order my food properly.

I thought I'd share this in case there are other Celiacs out there who suffer from bouts of intense vomiting and are not sure why. There's a forum for that... and it's called The Vomit Comet!

All hail the Goddess for creating Ginger Kombucha and Rice!

Gratitude to Mother Earth who created them full of healing properties.

You are seriously saving my life!

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